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The Fresh Ones are out of Crisp Marketing Ideas, and Rotten with Righteous Indignation.

“Grind me, bathe me in hot steamy water and moisten me with cream if you must. Have it your way, any way, a mouthful of my beans will leave you in ecstasy.”

If I told you that I found the above tagline on a bottle of warming lubricant or a pack of condoms, you would probably believe me, but you would be wrong. This poorly punctuated (and terribly written) description actually comes from the Facebook business page of Perth based coffee company ‘Fresh One.’  Continue reading



“Some men love your soul, some men love your mind, and some men love your body. A lover of the soul will understand you. A lover of the mind will motivate you. A lover of the body will betray you.”

Women in Arthurian Literature; Examination of Alfred Tennyson and Zimmer Bradley

The position of women in society has often been a point of focus for Arthurian writers. Marion Zimmer Bradley and Alfred Tennyson are two such authors who have utilised the Arthurian legend to depict the position of women, as they existed in their respective socioeconomic climates. Continue reading

Women in Australian Literature

In this essay, I will discuss that despite some strong historical interpretations regarding the extreme masculinity of Australia’s foundations, the women of Australia as represented in literature, were able to progress beyond the suppression of their British heritage, in order to forge a sense of self more befitting of their environment and experience. Continue reading