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The Fresh Ones are out of Crisp Marketing Ideas, and Rotten with Righteous Indignation.

“Grind me, bathe me in hot steamy water and moisten me with cream if you must. Have it your way, any way, a mouthful of my beans will leave you in ecstasy.”

If I told you that I found the above tagline on a bottle of warming lubricant or a pack of condoms, you would probably believe me, but you would be wrong. This poorly punctuated (and terribly written) description actually comes from the Facebook business page of Perth based coffee company ‘Fresh One.’  Continue reading

Save the Bacon, and Axe the Vegemite. It’s all okay, So Long as we are doing it for the Children.

Politics can be a ridiculously petty, backward, and childish game, but I never thought I would see the day that a children’s television program could be the cause of so much controversy. Continue reading