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“Isolation is not to be alone and without company. Rather, it is to be surrounded by company, and still feel alone.”

Singers Song for Sentience

A hundred years ago, it was racial equality that needed to be recognised, and we, as a society are getting better all the time. So, when we, as human beings, are all equal, and another century comes to pass, who will be next in line for equality? At first consideration, almost all changes can seem crazy. Many however, are warranted. Continue reading

Staring Death in the Face: An Analysis of Epicurus’s “Letter to the Menoeceus”

And Epicurus said:

“You should accustom yourself to believing that death means nothing to us, since every good and every evil lies in sensation; but death is the privation of sensation. Hence a correct comprehension of the fact that death means nothing to us makes the mortal aspect of life pleasurable, not be conferring on us a boundless period of time but by removing the yearning for deathlessness. Continue reading

The Word Keeper’s Utopia

I have a dream of utopian extremes. It is a place where I walk in abundant silence, but am not alone. Have you ever wondered what this might be like? Think of it. We all have the same friends, and we have the same family, but we are all suddenly muted by the quiet of careful contemplation. Continue reading

Tank Fish

Some human beings are river fish, existing in safe streams of calm water, happy to face the occasional rapid or waterfall, so long as they can see it coming. Other people are marine fish who brave the ocean for adventures and excitement, never worrying about the future, because they prefer to live for the moment. Then, there is a third kind of fish; those who exist in tanks. Continue reading